Biznitches unite.

Deep breath.

And here it is. Something that's been clawing away inside of me for a while now. That feeling of wanting to do something but just not having the energy. That feeling like you're not enough. That feeling that a nap just doesn't fix.

My tag line within my friendship group is "the one with the opinions", and i've been desperately finding a way out of feeling trapped and alone with them. I want to exercise my right to have a voice and literally exercise my typing fingers and get content out there.

I'm inspired by all the usuals; Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler, Oprah (one word) and my mum, all strong independent women who do not apologise for themselves, their creativity, or their hunger to express themselves. I run my own business and I am lucky that it has grown over time to be successful, but what came with that, is a less successful true version of myself. I'm inspired daily on the inside, but have nothing leads me to action, which has only caused further frustration.

By some insane series of events, I have found myself surrounded by a cohort of insanely talented people. Somehow they are just in my life and soon they're going to figure out that i'm a fraud friend* and run away and then i'll be sad but i'll also think "yeah they can do better how did I get away with it for so long".


So Biznitch.

I have a penchant for shipping words or creating new ones, and don't worry people, there's more to come*. But this came from me needing an adjective to "get my business bitch on" within my business structure for some sort of ridiculously annoying thing I had to deal with on that particular day. Someone once told me to get some "business like clothes to make me feel like that". Yeah nah i'm cool in my converse thanks and I really shouldn't have to change my image to be respected. But at that time I did need the mental kick up the tush to make me feel like the business women I am, should feel like and can own.

And so here is a blog. A dumping ground for my thoughts, shout outs to incredible women who are doing cool and interesting things.

How do we use Biznitch in a sentence structure I hear you cry?!

I've since used it in many contexts. Examples of uses are:

"I'm gonna Biznitch your ass"

"Time to get my biznitch on" (often followed by approximately 3 and half hours of procrastination before actual said Biznitch occurs)

"I need some Biznitch courage right now"

"She is a total Biznitch"

"I'm gonna take a Biznitch nap"

In all uses Biznitch should be capitalised for maximum Biznitch effect.

I have been labelled bossy, emasculating and even a bully for delivering opinions and articulating myself. I can't wait for more labels to come my way.


*Through writing this I wanted to ship Friend Fraud. Which is just Fraud. Not exactly satisfying.