Biznitch Kim.

This is Kim and she is a Biznitch and practices Biznitching even when she is asleep.


Have you enjoyed the pictures on this website? How cute. They were by Kim.

If there is one thing you need to know about Kim, it's that SHE WILL GET SHIT DONE. And sometimes that is to her detriment but ya know. Swings and roundabouts when you're a creative TRAIL BLAZER.

Kim and I met about 6 years ago when we started teaching together. At different times, we both went to Royal Holloway, University of London, which is a pretty magical place. I've said many times, that there is a connection with fellow ROHOers which you can't describe. I'm pretty right about this and everyone agrees with me. Go me. We moved into a little flat in Crystal Palace when she graduated and we were there before CP was HIP. If you haven't been to CP (if you're HIP you call is CP) and like walking around parks, mazes, dinosaurs, vintage shops, vinyl shops & craft beers, I would recommend it. I actually moved there because I wanted to be close to my friends James and Laura, but Kim is still there so I'm pretty sure I changed her life.


Kim is probably the most intelligent person I know. Apart from when she's slow on my jokes, the reason being is that it's an intelligence I totally respect and strive for. She is independent in everyday life and ensures that she muddles through her crazy little world with as much kindness to others as she can spare. Her energy is bottomless, much to her own devastation, but her creativity and imagination leaves me speechless. She frequently does things that I downright copy because they are cool. She's not cool though and I want to be really clear about that. "Being cool" to me is about an outward appearance, but everything Kim does is for an internal satisfaction. There isn't anything Kim can't do, because she has the MIND to GOOGLE it. You would be amazed at how inept people are at google, whereas this little goblin is an active learner and continues to find new ways of teaching herself new skills.

Speaking of, a few years ago she picked up a camera and started taking some shit pictures. Those pictures quickly became Kim Williams Photography & Kim Williams Weddings and they are the most gorgeous pictures of all kinds of people you can imagine. She takes headshots, wedding videography and photography, promo, basically anything you want. If she wasn't my bridesmaid I wouldn't pay her and she would be my photographer for free. But alas. She's snuck into my bridal party. I'm waiting for her to fuck up so I can demote her and get some bangin' shots of the day.

Like, fuck up JUUUSSTTTT enough that I can still ask her to take pictures.


Kim is a Biznitch because she runs her own business like a boss, she likes Star Wars so much she got a tattoo of Princess Leia and teaches me how to be a better woman. She is really funny and make me laugh because she's also a self-proclaimed idiot.

Please check out her website pages for how awesome she is. 







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