Biznitch Cake - The Sparkling Spatula.

Cake. Cake. Cakey. Cake.

So i'm getting married next year and organising a wedding is the best fun ever. I know i'm going to sound like a knob but thinking about all your favourite people in the world being in one room, getting to make your best mates look pretty and PDAing my best friend feels awesome.

When we started there were LOTS of things I thought I didn't care about and the cake was one of them.



OHHHHH how that changed.

The Sparkling Spatula is Vanessa, based in Buckinghamshire.

I stumbled across The Sparkling Spatula on my regular (all too regular) social media stalks of people who annoy me (Vanessa doesn't annoy me. It was more of a rabbit hole of clicking. I'm not going to divulge the original source).





Vanessa lives in my home town Aylesbury, I lived there until I was 18 AND she got married at Cripps Barn where we will be getting hitched next August. I truly believe when selecting your wedding suppliers, if they can be connected, local or meaningful to you, it makes the whole process much more enjoyable.

I can't freakin' wait to see what Vanessa designs for us. I'm going to give her free reign based on some images of styling and the venue.

Please check out Vanessa's website The Sparkling Spatula.