Biznitch Becky.

This is Becky and she is a Kirtan leader.




That's what I said inside my mind when Becky said she was off to train as a leader. She's always been into her spirituality and is a yoga teacher too so I assumed it was some more wanky shit. I was right.


Last Sunday I was #blessed to experience it first hand. Myself and brief aquaintance Kim Williams of Kimwilliamsphotgraphy fame, trekked over to Oxford to see what all the hullabaloo was about.

Firstly Oxford is awesome. Most people know this but we didn't. We ate at Dirty Bones on top of the Westgate shopping centre which has promise, but was sadly a mere "meh" in our verbal review. But we had the best Churros in the land from "Los Churros" street food stand in the shopping centre. Holy damn they were out of this world and lovely friendly service.

Then we scurried over to  yoga quota  which is based on the high street in the Sweaty Betty shop. It's like a cave or as some people have described it "a womb", for some lovely delicious soul healing practice.

We started off with Yoga Nidra before the chanting. But that's for another post.

And so the chanting. 

Kirtan is described as "a different kind of music. Based on ancient chants, it has the ability to quiet the mind if listened to with intention" (New World Kirtan) and that's exactly what happened. It was totally euphoric, transformative and wild. I found myself shutting out the rest of the room, no judgement on the voice and just repeating what Becky beautiful demonstrated in the most playful, delightful way.

My emotions came from how serious I am in everyday life, and how the chanting unleashed a child like quality in me. I sang loudly, I opened my mouth wide and I relished in the bohemian qualities of the chant. Like a grade A wanker.

Also - it was melodic AF. I really love Indian culture (food) and would love to visit (for the food).

Becky is a Biznitch because she is so honest and open to the people she loves. She never pretends to be anything she isn't and has found something that nourishes her soul and is slowly making it her full time thing. She also leads charity classes and hospital classes for cancer patients and it doesn't get more rad than that. She is an open Slytherin and she owns it, despite all our hatred for that.


Check out Becky Varey-Harris' page Yoga Scope.

All pictures on this blog were by Kim Williams Photography.